KHP is Kristen Hammonds Photography.

Life is full of milestones and minutes, messes and all, and as a mom of two munchkins, I get it. It goes by so fast. Too fast. It seems like a hundred years ago that I graduated from photography school (Brooks Institute of Photography, circa 2004), then worked as a surf photojournalist and traveled the western coast, until a friend asked me to photograph her wedding under a tree, and then, I was hooked. My degree was in photojournalism, and I found my storytelling match. Weddings led me to what I loved most, getting to know a couple and their families, making a connection, and telling their story; capturing their first born, and second, and third, the cake smashes, the first steps, kindergarten, high school senior portraits, college graduation headshot, engagements and weddings and babies ... and it continues. Life. I am honored to be there for it as the "family photographer". At the heart of my craft is that I am a story teller, and documenting life as it happens fits perfectly, and my camera is the perfect tool. Over twenty years later in my profession, I absolutely still love doing what I do. I still cry at weddings, I still play at every family portrait session, and I will always call my clients friends. My goal as a photographer is to capture the moment so you can savor the memory. My motto has always been the same, Just be yourself, I'll do the rest. ❤️

Photo credit by Eunkyu Shin (age 2). Eunkyu, a toddler at the time of this photo, captures exactly how I feel when I am taking pictures, happy and inquisitive.