KHP is Kristen Hammonds Photography.

Just about every one that meets me learns real quick that I laugh a lot! I love it even more when YOU laugh. I love it when you smile, run, play, hug, dance, twirl, snuggle, splash, and everything in between. Life is FULL of those moments, the milestones and minutes, messes and all.

It seems like a hundred years ago (2004), that I graduated from photography school (Brooks Institute) in Santa Barbara, then worked as a photojournalist for newspapers and surf magazines, until a friend asked me to photograph her wedding, and I was hooked. I knew all along I am a story teller. My choice of tool to tell it is a camera. After twenty years of capturing life milestones of many many couples and many many families, I still cry at every wedding and I still play with kiddos during portrait sessions, and I will always always call my clients friends.

I am there so you can savor the moment while I capture the memory. It's simple. Just be yourself. I'll do the rest. ❤️

Photo credit by Eunkyu Shin (age 2).