KHP is Kristen Hammonds Photography.

Just about every one that meets me learns real quick that I laugh a lot! I admit it, I love what I do. I love it even more when YOU laugh. I love it when you smile, run, play, hug, dance, twirl, snuggle, splash, and everything in between. Life is FULL of those moments, the milestones and minutes, messes and all. As a mom of two munchkins, I get it. It goes by so fast. Too fast.

It seems like a hundred years ago that I graduated from photography school (Brooks Institute) in Santa Barbara, then worked as a photojournalist for newspapers and surf magazines, until a friend asked me to photograph her wedding, and I was hooked for minute. All the while, I kept photographing families, babies born, siblings playing, and many sandy feet. I knew all along I am a story teller. My choice of tool to tell it is my camera.

After twenty years of capturing life milestones of many, many couples and many, many families, I still cry at every wedding and I still play with kiddos during portrait sessions, and I will always always call my clients friends. I'll be there so you can savor the moment while I capture the memory. It's simple. Just be yourself, and I'll do the rest. ❤️

Photo credit by Eunkyu Shin (age 2).